No other genre like science fiction serves as the strongest metaphor for exposing current issues through a fictional speculative lens. Science fiction comes together with the fusion of literature and visuals. EON showcases game changing illustrators, fine artists, and directors.

While working parallel on EON, I created INFINIX: an ongoing series of experimental multimedia pieces that reflect on ethical themes I'm curious to explore through the scifi genre. The pieces feature scifi classics such as Blade Runner and Videodrome, and scifi writers such as William Gibson, Isaac Asimov, and PKD. EON and INFINIX are testimonies to the capacity for mankind’s desire to seek knowledge, expand imagination, build empathy, and inspire others to look to the stars with questions of their own.

Through the worst of times science fiction has always been there to offer me comfort and to provide me with refuge from life’s hardships. I love its high adventure, its distant and eternal horizons, its power to transport me to places that my eyes have never seen and where my need to reach the journey’s end can be satisfied. It is unlike any other kind of storytelling that I know. After so many years of relying on it and working at it, I can’t imagine what my life would have been without it. It has filled me at times with fear, but also with wonder and joy, and with the one feeling that I’ve come to value above all others–hope.
— Vincent Di Fate