Founded in the 1960s by John Smith, Ocean Pacific launched as a surfboard brand, then rapidly became the heart of surf culture in Southern California. Over the years, Ocean Pacific has expanded beyond sports activities, and redefined the experience of “summer” with the inclusion of music, fashion, and youth lifestyle. Ocean Pacific has grown past its original boundaries to reach a rich and diverse youth community. This rebrand is driven by Ocean Pacific's slogan from the 1970's: "Blood is 90% water." With the fusion of surf culture and EDM culture, Ocean Pacific's rebrand makes summer eternal, and ignites a thirst for adventure. The rebrand introduces a new logo: the OP Daredevil. The OP Daredevil celebrates a free-spirited, diverse, and vibrant youth culture with the common thread of the SoCal community redefining “badass”. In addition to emphasis on connecting the brand with the music, arts, and other creative scenes, Ocean Pacific will also be reestablished in its roots of surfer culture.